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just breathe.  all you really need to survive at any given moment is air.  so just breathe.   meditation revolves heavily around breathing.  the practice of meditation is all about you.  its a grand realization that all you are is just this one body.  but the body is just vessel for your anima.  during meditation, you blank your mind and consiously control you breathing, watching you breath as they say.  you know if one breath is bigger or smaller than the next, so in turn you know how much more or less air to take in your next breath.  i guess what im saying is, ...nothing truly matters.  you are your one body.  anything that comes and goes in front of you or behind you will still only leave you with your one body.  to let another bieng inflict emotion upon you is our own personal psychological defect.  nobody controls you but you.  nobody controls your mind but you.  actions and emotional precautions are only generated through damaged histories and misguided societal efforts to make people fall in place.  let go your hate.  let go your pride.  let go your desire to need things that do not aid in the one fact that all you truly need to survive from one second to the next is to breathe.  let go your idea of trust.  trust cannot be consiously created.  it just happens.  its just there.  like love.  its built through a series of trials and shattered in a moment.  like glass.  its formed through a strict process.  and if it breaks, it may be glued but it will never be the same.  when you make glass you know the fine line of consequences.  people walk too blindly into trust without realizing the glass bubble in which they entered.  you have faith that other people will do the right things.  but most of the time they wont.  but doesnt matter in the first place.  the right things are ideals we formulate within our own heads.  so seperate yourself from your ideals.  seperate yourself from your emotion.  if the person you trust hurts you, do not blame them.  rather blame yourself for letting yourself be hurt by them.  you are in control of your own vessel.  you are only your one body.  think "no matter what you do, i will not allow you to damage me." so in the same note be mindful of the emotion you inflict upon others.
simply, just watch...
and breathe